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tv   Action News  ABC  June 30, 2014 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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. >> good morning everyone, it is 5:00 a.m., on this monday, june 30th, tam is off, nydia han joins us. >> tragedy strikes a group of young friends at the jersey shore. >> a fiery crash and a dramatic rescue, a person rushes toward a burning car to save a man trapped inside. >> we're waiting for one of the most anticipated supreme court rulings this year. >> we have weather and traffic with david and karen, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, everybody, on the big board we're looking at satellite. there's a little bit of cloud cover out there, but it looks like we'll have sunshine through
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the day and we'll see showers melting to the north. there's a line of precipitation to the west that's a slow-moving system and it won't affect us until tomorrow afternoon at the earliest. 70 in allentown, 70 in reading. 71 in sea isle city. a little bit humid this morning but not too bad. 76 degrees by 9:00 a.m. noon, 85 degrees, that's a quick spike as we head to 3:00 p.m. we're sitting on our high of 88 degrees before dipping back to 83 by 6:00 p.m. a bit more humid through the day, partly sunny skies overall. there's a lot of sun out there, sun enough to create the need for sunscreen. what about the early traffic situation. >> reporter: we're looking good so far. coming back on 42 northbound not just yet nobody wants to get up that early. so far so good on 42.
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in rhawnhurst section summerdale avenue you want to watch for a water main break, the water has been turned off, but we have crews on the scene, so you want to stick to algone avenue. a downed pole and wires in chester county on straws -- strauss burger road and church road. let's go outside live and see what's happening in chadsford, delaware county, we're dry and clear, 202 baltimore pike, no delays coming in from ken net square good to go on 202, matt. >> back to the water main break you mentioned, we have video of it, it's new this morning, an 8 to 10-inch water main ruptured in rhawn hurls section of philadelphia. -- the water department was able
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to turn off the main. we're following developing news the search will resume this morning for a teen who disappeared off the coast of ocean city, new jersey. the 14-year-old philadelphia boy was on a jetty with friends when he fell into the water last night. several people on the beach jumped in to help, but they, too, were swept out by rip currents. the incident occurred after lifeguards had ended their shifts for the day. the action cam was there moments after someone pulled a driver from a car fire in prices corner, delaware. fernando he escobar stopped and dragged the victim away from the burning wreck while other drivers portland water on his burning clothes, the victim is in critical condition. police in camden county
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have released the surveillance video of the ford pick up truck that hit a man in lindenwald. the 57-year-old man was found on saturday night, he is is in stable condition. the truck may have damage on the front passenger side, anyone with information should contact lindenwald police. >> friends and family of a south jersey woman will hold an anniversary of the 100 anniversary of her mysterious death. the body of carol reef was found on june 24th of last year. the 59-year-old had been missing for four days. prosecutors have yet to release a cause of death, but they are investigating it as a homicide. happening today, president obama's affordable care law will be put to the test when the security issues a ruling in the hobby lobby case. at issue is whether for profit
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companies can deny some contraception because of religious beliefs. >> reporter: at the center of the case, hobby lobby, owned boy the green family devout southern baptists say obama care violates their religious rights. >> they believe that americans don't lose their religious freedom when they open a family business. >> reporter: hobby lobby was 500 stores and 15,000 employees. the owners object to four times of contraception the morning after pill and i up ds. -- i uds. millions of women and their rights to preventive care including birth control is trumped by a handful of ceos
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who have their own personal opinions about birth control. >> reporter: when the supreme court heard arguments, demonstrators made their voice also heard outside. >> we will obey god rather than man. >> i believe it is not the place for private employers to impose their religious beliefs on their workers. >> reporter: the nine justices were divides back then, their decision will strike to the core of american life. happening today, president obama is expected to name bob mcdonald as veteran affairs. if confirmed by the senate, the westpoint grad will replace the acting secretary of state. former head resign on may 30th amid the scandal about long delays and faked appointments at the va hospitals.
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the pakistani girl who survived the death attempt by the taliban will be the recipient of the liberty medal. terrorists shot malala who was showsen as the honorary because of her continued fight for education opportunities for children around the world. the presentation ceremony will take place october 21 at the national constitution center. we'll air the ceremony on 6abc at a later date. >> warm today a little more humid and then the hot stuffer comes back. storm tracker 6 live double scan we're dry so far. as we take a look outside, it's a decent morning, might feel a tad humid to you, but as you step outside, there's not a big deal problem, obviously we're drive and cloudy skies, currently. 68 in philadelphia. 67 in wilmington, 69 in
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allentown, 66 in millville. we are in the low 70s in sea isle city and you up the coast n the boardwalk in amplet -- ac. as times we'll break out with sunshine and other times it will be clouds out to the west. the big hit in terms of thunderstorms will be wednesday and thursday. allentown, 87. more humid, sun and clouds. down the shore, ocean temperature not bad in the low 70s. on the beach you'll get up to 81 degrees by 3:00 p.m. might be a little bit of a sea breeze and uv indetention -- index is on the high side. as we go through the day, 88 degrees is the forecasted high, and winds out of the
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south/southwest 10 to 14. looks like we'll hit the high around 3:00 p.m. that's 88 degrees and 5:00 p.m. we're holding on to the mid 80s a bit humid. unsettled for the next couple of days. tomorrow, hot and humid. might be a late-day shower or pop-up thunderstorm, but wednesday and thursday are the big ticket days this week as the cold front pushes in from the west and as it comes through slow moving drenching thunderstorms are possible, so wednesday and thursday, keep that in mind. we have a 60% chance of tropical development from this little guy to the east of florida. that could become a tropical depression swing back into florida and throw moisture up the coast a little later in the week. the the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 88 today, a little more humid, but not horror -- had a -- horror rent did you also out there. we'll have an update for you as
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we move through tonight's forecast period and tomorrow. wednesday and thursday, hot and humid unsettled days with the front coming through. and any thunderstorms that form could bring drenching downpours. we're hoping this stuff gets out of here at the latest during the morning on friday. that would leave the afternoon on the 4th of july and evening dry. 82 is the high. keep with us on that, because that's a slow-moving front. if it doesn't get out of here fast enough, we could have an thunderstorm in the afternoon. weekend looking great. lots of sun. >> mother nature has been cooperative with our weekends. >> reporter: yeah, overall. >> 5:10, crews make slow, but steady progress battling a wildfire out west. >> the oscar pills -- pis
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pistorious murder trial continues today. >> reporter: we'll check on chester county when we come back. >> victims of the gm faulty ignition switches could see compensation. that story next.
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>> 51:38 monday morning, air -- aramark getting good cover annual there in front art museum
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academy of natural sciences free today all day long. >> i might take our kids to go see you think matt. >> uncle matt. that's me. >> reporter: my kids love uncle as well, but probably love more. time for the traffic report, this is exton, chester county, we're quite here, but we expect quiet conditions. the weekend construction here is clear, we're looking good on route 100 and no problems between the 30 bypass and the pennsylvania turnpike, just a couple of cars early this morning. we have an issue in east fallow field chester county. stick to motorrenville road
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because of downed polls -- poles and downed wire. 322 we have construction blocking at route 354. it's causing an issue, but it's early, so not too many problems out there just yet. time for the commuter traffic report this is one you get to be a part of when you download the free waze app. animals at valley road and horsham road. watch for that. 65 in center city. pretty comfortable, slightly humid at the moment. 62 in vineland and 65 in dover. >> containment lines around a wildfire in arizona's white mountain seem to be working. fire officials say the blaze is 9 square miles, but the blaze is not spreading beyond the
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perimeter lines. evacuations remain in place for 3 dozen summer homes. one year ago today, 19 firefighters were killed battling a wildfire in arizona. yesterday family and friends saluted the granite mounted hot shots who gave their lives protecting the community. today the town of press scott will hold a simple ceremony to honor the men. happening now the murder trial for oscar pistorious. they concluded he was not suffering from a mental illness when he killed his girlfriend last year. the story is he mistook her for an intruder. the phillies start a series with the marlins in miami.
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the phillies have not lost a four game series at home to the braves in 50 year, never getting swept that badly. marlin byrd hit a solo pair of home runs. phillies are 8 games out of first. >> it may cost more than ever to hit the road this holiday weekend. >> risky behavior on sexting comes a warning for preteens. >> reporter: it's a warm one out there. we want you to be careful especially if you're among the young set at the pool. the uv index is high. we'll get you through the day hour by hour and take you to the airport in case you're flying. >> don't forget you can get "action news" and accuweather anytime with our 6abc news app. it's free at [ male announcer ] tv's come a long way.
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>> reporter: this is allegheny avenue you're clear and dry and not much going on out there this morning. this is an overview for you, 495, of course remains closed. travel times on i-95 so far so good. >> reporter: my twitter follower jen in thorndale reports 60 degrees. if you're grabbing the bulls or the rails, 76 degrees by 9:00 a.m. 85 degrees by noon, the high this afternoon will be 88 degrees at 3:00 p.m., we're at 83 by 6:00 p.m., partly sunny no rain today, but a little bit more humid than it was over the weekend. if you're heading to the airport, doesn't look like there's any major problems right now this morning heading out, although chicago o'hare has reported showers or
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thunderstorms for the purpose of the last hour or so. maybe flight delays there, nothing on the board just yet, though. 88 degrees, matt and nydia. >> david did you forget about me all right. sexting has been linked to activities among high schoolers. now parents have reason to be on high alert. middle school students between the ages of 10 and 15 have received sexually explicit pictures and are more sexually active. national athletic says it's important to remember early symptoms they recommend that coaches have water on the silence and get students ready for playing sports during hot
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days. >> we'll be digging deeper to drive this holiday weekend abc's taman bradleyly has america's money. higher prices at the rump for the 4th of -- at the pump for the 4th of july. these up 20% from last year, france's biggest bank is going to pay 9 billion-dollar fine it will plead guilty to violating u.s. embargo on deals involving iran and cuba. gm is expected to pay money to victims of the faulty ignition switch. transformers raked in a staggering $100 million. 22 jump street and how to train your dragon ii trailed behind bringing in 15 and $13 million.
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>> developing now, the search for a missing teen swept out to sea by dangerous rip currents. >> investigators wants to know how a security gate came crashing down on a young girl in crashing down on a young girl in philadelphia killing her. updates on both stories philadelphia killing her. safety goggles? this breakfast burrito is exploding with flavor. i think you're getting a little carried away. morning, guys. dunkin's southwest steak breakfast burrito, with steak and fire-roasted vegetables, is packed with flavor. hurry in today. this is kathleen.
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>> five roman catholic chumps in the philadelphia -- churches in the philadelphia suburbs have celebrated mass for the last time. they are set or close with neighboring parishes on tuesday, saint elizabeth anne seton and our lady of mount carmel in bridgeport st. john. cross in roslyn. >> a guy bought a town in south dakota. it used to have a population of 40 people, a post office a few houses and grocery store and fell on hard times, now just a
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bar, workshop three trailers and a house, benson let's see if he gets his investment back $400,000. but he plans to live there with his wife. kind of amazing that you could buy a town for $400,000. >> only in america, we have more news you didn't see last night including the chaos inside the cabin when an emergency slide inflates inside a packed flight. >> we have ways to save money at the movies
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>> developing now on "action news," crews will continue their search for a young swimmer who was swept away at the jersey shore. >> a scare in the air, passengers captured the panic when an emergency slide inflates during thing flight. >> get ready to sweat, accuweather is tracking the chance for a midweek heat wave. good morning, 5:30, june 30th, nydia han joins us, tam is off.
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>> reporter: it's a week of changes. satellite more rain out to the west. upper 60 right now. 58 at the airport. 67 in wilmington, 69 in allentown, 70 in reading and 70 in sea isle city. as we roll through the day, looks like a warm one, 76 degrees by 9:00 a.m., noon, 85 and then your high today is that 88-degree reading at 3:00 p.m. before going back down to 8 at 6:00 p.m. a bit more humid today, but not oppressive. hot and humid weather returns and we're looking at drenching thunderstorms during the week all that is coming up. >> we hav


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